Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pesara tentera to become guru disiplin...


I have had this thought in my head for a very long time. This is concerning the social illness affecting the youth in our country. Problems such as lepak, gangsterisme, ponteng, sex rambang, and all sorts of diseases have made me afraid about the future of our society. We are talking about teenagers who are supposed to be our hope for the future, to lead the country. But with all these challenges, seriously I have doubts and I think I have all the reasons to have doubts.

I did mention pasal isu masalah disiplin remaja ni a few days ago, especially on the buang bayi issue. Honestly, with all the challenges of today spurred by the technology i.e. internet, handphones, televisyen; i have to wonder what can be done to save our children. This rise of problems relating to youth can be explained by the lack of discipline of teenagers. Let's be honest, things have changed a lot, it was not like before where teachers had the privilege to 'rotan' the students in order to discipline them. Now, try to do that, and teachers will end up in courts. Nowadays parents have become too complacent with their children to the point of spoiling them.

So, I had this idea about Guru Disiplin at Sekolah Menengah to be given more role and responsibility to educate and discipline our teenagers. Why Sekolah Menengah and not Sekolah Rendah, it is just that during this Sekolah Menengah age that teenagers are more vulnerable, fragile and are exposed to all sorts of temptations. However, it seems that schools are lacking in male teachers. Female teachers by far outnumber the male teachers. And there was this issue about male teachers are mostly 'lelaki lembut'. So forget about being Guru Disiplin. This brings me to this idea to bring Retired Military into Sekolah Menengah as Guru Disiplin.

I have not done my research yet on this, but kalau tak silap, military men are retiring from the army after 13 years of service, which means they would be in their late 30s. The army has spent a huge amount of money to train the military about discipline, i think it would be a waste not to use this talent. Why don't we bring them into schools and educate our teenagers, about moral and akhlak especially discipline. By doing this, we could also solve the problems of high unemployment among the retired armies.

This issue needs further study but the issue at hand is very crucial and serious. If we do not act now, I do not know what will happen to our teenagers. I have already written to PM, TPM, Minister of Education, Minister of Defence, Minister of Interior as well as to KSN. I hope this idea of bringing Retired Military into Sekolah Menengah as Guru Disiplin can be taken seriously.

C ya.

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